We design simplest solutions to your complex problems


Theta One in the language of Computer Science means Theta of Order 1 which in turn means Lowest Order Time Complexity. That is exactly what our mission is – To create fastest solutions which are robust, scalable as well as customizable.
In short – we love playing around with the newest technologies and play it really well!

Good People

Your baby is in safe hands. You take care of the business, handling the complexity of technology is on us.

Refreshing Design

We believe in simplicity in design. As they say - "True genius lies in simplicity"

Robust Backend

We deploy the core business logic in really robust and scalable backend so that it never fails.

Crafted Carefully

The technology stacks are woven with care so that they work in harmony.


Here are the things we offer.

Web Application

We craft websites with refreshing and fluid front end along with a scalable backend.

Mobile Application (native and hybrid)

We also develop mobile applications across varied complexities. Our team is equally proficient with both Hybrid and Native apps. Hybrid apps are faster to develop but offer limited interaction with the device whereas native apps provides better touch and feel performance but takes bit higher time to develop than hybrid ones.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop AI powered applications to make your business process smarter. We use tools like Google Tensorflow to train and model the system according to your business domain.

Internet of Things

Our In-house tool Live Buzz is capable of interchanging IoT messages between machines in realtime. We develop IoT solutions for the problems having minimal hardware requirement based on the Live Buzz backend.


We work on cutting edge tech so that your business always stays ahead of your competitors.


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The very first product of our company. It is a consumer facing research platform which helps people make better buying decisions. Eyezon was selected by NASSCOM 10K Startup Program for incubation. It was also placed among the Top 5 Startups of Kolkata in NASSCOM Product Conclave Kolkata, 2016.

Client: In-house

USP: Pre-buying research resulting in effective Time, Effort and Money saving, adding to greater awareness and value-consciousness.

Nature: B2B2C, O2O

Website APP
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Integrated Project Management Dashboard

An internal tool for managing projects sanctioned by State or Central Govt. It includes modules for (1) tracking project progress with varied granularity, (2) managing approval hierarchy (3) internally managing tenders and vettings and also (4) tracking issues and road blocks at various stages of execution

Client: Municipal Engineering Directorate, West Bengal , India

Nature: Project management, BPM, Issue Tracker

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Exception Dashboard

An internal portal developed for viewing the existing exceptions in a system and managing the assignment of exceptions for further actions. The interface provides various visualizations to overview current state of all exceptions in the system.

Client: N.D.

Nature: Visualization, Analytics Dashboard, Issue Tracker

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IFMS - Integrated Fleet Management System (Under Development)

IFMS helps businesses and organizations to optimize time, cost and effort in managing their fleets comprising of trackable moving elements (such as, car bike, truck etc.) with multi-tier scale.

Client: N.D.

USP: Scalable and can be integrated with inventory Management System with the capacity of handling - Pooling, Tracking and Optimal Route Algorithm

Nature: Realtime Tracking, IOT, Fleet Management

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Live Buzz (Under Development)

A real time communication platform based on the Publish – Subscribe mechanism through which Human to Human, Human to Machine, Machine to Human and Machine to Machine communication can be established

Client: In-house

Nature: SAAS, IOT backend, AI on streaming data

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Open Source Projects

Our internal codebase is highly modularized and we make several of the independent modules opensource so that the community benefits from it and can also extend it. Soon we will be making them publicly available through github.



The gang behind the awesome experience Theta One delivers to you.


Tamal Sen



Sibaprasad Maiti



Kanishka Tiwary



Sandipan Mandal



Ujjwal Sana

Frontend Geek


Debjyoti Bhoumick

Head, Geek Operations