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We develop private and public blockchain based solutions using Ethereum, Quorum,  Hyperledger and other related technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

We are equipped with competencies to develop Deep Learning based applications using latest technologies

React & React Native

We have mastered the art of using React to write Mobile and Web Apps. We provide robust and rock solid applications on the cutting-edge  Javascript stack.

Theta One


An artificial intelligence based “Single Point Incident Response & Complaint Redressal System” that combines user texts, surveillance feeds, sensor data and social media inputs for intelligent analyses and action based on policies. 

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Theta One

Live Buzz

Live Buzz is a platform for Messaging and Analytics for Real-time Applications. It is powered by MQTT technology and capable of low-latency message delivery among connected devices. It supports publish / subscribe based on geo-spatial radius (e.g. publish a message to the subscribers only within 5 KM)


Theta One

Project Management Dashboard

A tool for managing projects sanctioned by State or Central Govt. It includes modules for (1) tracking project progress with varied granularity, (2) managing approval hierarchy (3) internally managing tenders and vettings and also (4) tracking issues and road blocks at various stages of execution.

Theta One

SDN Driver Connect

SDN Driver Connect is a Trucking/Logistics app that allows drivers to submit "SDN Artifax™", such as Bills of Lading, Lumper Receipts, OS&D evidence and even a rating system for the quality of the stop that can be shared with the clients. 
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Theta One


This app makes B2B Communications very simple & methodical. It provides required privacy & security in the communication process to safeguard trade secrets.
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Theta One


A learning bot based on Leitner System. It uses flash cards to train specific topics. After completing the training session, the user can appear for test sessions. The test questions are triggered using the well known Leitner System. The user can also see scores and get surprise rewards in the form of digital goodies.

Theta One


DeepViz is a deep learning based computer vision platform. It is capable of recognizing human faces from an existing database. It is also capable of multi-object tracking, activity detection and more.  

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I would like to thank the Thetaone team for their excellent work on the data quality dashboard project.
Throughout the engagement Tamal, Sibu and Debajyoti were sensitive to the project goals, they came up with innovative workarounds for those tricky requirements. If there were issues with the deliverable, they are extremely quick to rectify the problem.

The team is extremely hard working and always go the extra mile, even work across multiple timezone to get the project across the finish line. In the end we have developed a high quality product that I am extremely proud of.

I am sure we will partner up with Thetaone on many more projects in the future.

Tamal and his team from Theta One helped me carry out my first chatbot-related project. They put a lot of effort in trying to understand my needs and came up with an efficient and cost-saving architecture. 
Tamal and his team kept me up to date on the project at any time and provided all the information I needed to take relevant decisions.
I am very satisfied with the final outcome and look forward to working with Theta One again in the future.

Thanks so much for the cost effective solution. About 100 municipalities of West Bengal are being benefited from the solution.

Theta One

ThetaOne Opensource

We contribute to various existing and new opensource projects in github. Currently there are  6 opensourced projects in our github page. More coming soon. 



Debajyoti Bhaumik

Javascript Geek

Kanishka Tiwary

Head - Sales, Co-founder

Megha Verma

QA Geek

Sandeep Saha

Frontend Geek

Ujjwal Sana

React JS Geek

Simanta Chaklader

Sales and Strategy

Vivek Kumar Shaw

Back-end geek

Sandipan Mandal

AI / ML, Co-founder

Sibaprasad Maiti

Head - Delivery, Co-founder

Tamal Sen

Head - Tech, Co-founder


Partha Das Chowdhury

Blockchain Advisor
Over 15 years of experience in protocols security and forensics. 9 years of cyber physical systems implementation experience. 

Biswajit Ghosh

Business Mentor
Ex Petroleum Industry Executive - 32 yrs experience (20 yrs international)


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